2019 Dodge Journey Interior, Redesign, Release Date

2019 Dodge Journey Interior, Redesign, Release Date | The first time we laid our eyes on Dodge Journey was in 2009. At the same year, this three-row SUV struck the streets, and even when it was a new child on the playground, it was not adored by many. Automobile critics didn’t well accept the Journey, but it had a place in hearts of those who value its value for money. Now nearly ten years after its induction that the time has come for serious progress. It’s a perfect moment to introduce the 2019 Dodge Journey.

2019 Dodge Journey

2019 Dodge Journey Redesign

These days the market isn’t looking favourably on the continuing Journey. The only people who still buy this SUV are people who don’t know that there are million better choices and those with shallow pockets. But fortunately for them, and of course us, the brand new 2019 Journey is along the way. Sources close to Automotive News got their hands on Dodge’s upcoming launch program. And, according to these, fresh Journey will become accessible in 2019. The date was probably chosen with SUV’s tenth anniversary in your mind.

Not much is known about upcoming 2019 Dodge Journey but here is the info available to people. From the start, the new version will abandon its standing that was constructed during these ten decades of its existence. The first move is to switch it to FCA’s Giorgio platform. The named platform underpins Alfa Romeo Giulia and Alfa Romeo’s latest SUV that the Stelvio. What’s more, Dodge plans to change Journey for a two-row crossover with a rear-wheel-drive base.

Dodge Journey Exterior and Interior Design

The production will also be moved from Mexico to Italy. All these changes are just a testimony that Dodge is in the practice of re-branding itself. They want to go from a family-friendly image that was created in their Caravan and minivan era to construct a more high-value performance brand from their name. Unfortunately, there is no word on the interior of this car. Hopefully, Dodge will go more in the direction of Alfa Romeo Stelvio, and as further as you can from present Journey.

Now, we’ve been calling this new Dodge two-row SUV a 2019 Journey, but we can not be positive that Michigan-based firm will keep the naming. There are huge chances they will give it a brand new badge. They’re after all left-handed the three-row crossover segment, which will be filled with a new Chrysler version. That one will also come from 2019. But before we know for sure, 2019 Dodge Journey it’s.

2019 Dodge Journey Engine

There is no current information available regarding the engine bay, but shouldn’t worry us. Dodge has plenty of alternatives which can fit the 2019 Dodge Journey perfectly. The device that will most likely be one of the choices on new Journey is a 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 that comes with 305 horsepower. The powerplant that we hope will see the light of this day under the bonnet of fresh Journey is Stelvio’s QV unit, which is constructed by Ferrari. That’s a twin-turbo 2.9-liter V-6 equipped with 505hp.

The reason we feel that Dodge could utilize this unit is both vehicles (Stelvio and Journey) will discuss the platform later on. But, you should not keep your hopes too high, because the odds of this engine finding its way to Journey are not that high. That which we could hope is that Dodge will conjure up some performance-oriented unit exclusively for Journey. Much like they did with their Challenger and Charger models.

2019 Dodge Journey review

Dodge Journey Release Date and Price

There is not any word on the launch date of the automobile, but provided they are preparing for the 10th year anniversary the corporation might repeat a stunt from ten years ago. If you recall, they introduced, at the time new Journey, at Frankfurt Motor Show. Now should they choose for this year’s release, they will go with Paris, because Frankfurt is about pause until 2019. Hope we will not wait long.

The price is also a mystery now, but one thing is clear. Yes, it will share the stage with Stelvio, but worry not that the price will be reduced. Stelvio starts at $42,990, and 2019 Dodge Journey will go below this. The continuing version of this SUV starts at $21,195. A brand new one will probably go above, but not by far.

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