2019 Acura CDX Redesign, Engine, Price, Interior

2019 Acura CDX Redesign, Engine, Price, Interior | The CDX is among the latest additions to Honda’s luxury department. This crossover heads to the US next year as 2019 Acura CDX. So far, the model was available in China, in which it surfaced as hybrid as well. Both versions will soon come to the rest of the world to have a position in Acura’s compact course.

2019 Acura CDX

2019 Acura CDX Specs and Review

The 2019 Acura CDX will be smaller than compact RDX, but it’s still not moving into subcompact class. Apart from that, the SUV will include some new dimension of forcing the luxurious crossover. Of course, some features we could find in its siblings in North America, RDX, and MDX, will probably be present from the brand new SUV as well. Infotainment system and security measures are only a couple of them. But, the crossover will add some specific details which make it unique.

Specs of this 2019 Acura CDX will fit the position the SUV plans to take. The turbocharged unit is paired with an eight-speed automated transmission. The same drivetrain system will come to other nations in 2019, initially located in the USA. Just for the record, other two crossovers MDX and RDX are employing the same drivetrain. It is a 3.5-liter V6, which will be creating much more energy.

2019 Acura CDX review

So, the 2019 Acura CDX will be a fuel-saver using its inline-four powertrain. Apart from that, it’ll be lighter, and the gas mileage could easily be the class-leading. For sure, it is going to include at least 3-4 mph in contrast to its slightly bigger RDX. The 2019 Acura CDX will keep the dimensions it’s for a couple of years. Total length loses 13 inches, and it is 174 in. The compact crossover can be thinner and lower than the vehicle that was the smallest until today.

2019 Acura CDX interior

Acura CDX Colors

The 2019 Acura CDX will borrow any color schemes from the present models on the US marketplace. Also, the compact crossover will include some special paint jobs. One thing is certain; there’ll be enough choices ahead of possible buyers. Not just that Acura delivers various color schemes for the outside, but also inside. External, buyers will be able to choose one of at least ten paint jobs. Some of them will be free, and there are most likely one or two top colors. The same is inside, but with all the fewer option.

2019 Acura CDX Engine

That isn’t all we could expect from 2019 Acura CDX. This crossover continues to impress even before it came. Besides the excellent gas market coming from a gas engine, the CDX will come in the hybrid version. The expense of the setup is dropped of the turbocharger. If that’s the circumstance, the foundation 1.5-liter unit will provide much less electricity. If we take a peek at some other Honda’s vehicles with this drivetrain, it drops the hp score to 130, and torque into 115 lb-ft.

Acura CDX

However, the electric motor will include more energy, at precisely the same time boosting the overall mileage. So, the 2019 Acura CDX won’t drop too much on the electricity end but will be able to offer at least 33 mpg combined, according to early estimations. For the US economy, the 2019 Acura CDX will have to sort some things up before the look. The competition is tough, and the new version will be under special focus. From outside details to inside characteristics, such as seating and infotainment, everything will be set for the requirements of US customers.

2019 Acura CDX Cost and Release Date

Bearing in mind the costs of larger Acura crossovers and competitions, we’re pretty sure the new SUV will begin somewhere over $30,000. Its closest sibling, RDX prices $37,000. On the other hand, we expect big competition involving 2019 Acura CDX and Lexus UX 200. Early estimations are that new UX will cost approximately $32,000, and that’s precisely where we could anticipate the Acura CDX to be.

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