2017 BMW X2 Design, Release Date, Specs and Price

2017 BMW X2 Review Cross-over SUV is a hot section in your car market and everyone, such as the In german behemoths to the Japanese competitors, wants a piece of it! In german famous carmaker BMW was allegedly making a crossover since 2011. However, it was only at the end of 2015 the much-touted car shown up. In fact, the visible BMW X2 SUV hit the roads in intensely hidden form, twice. It is made to complete BMW’s of the X-badged collection of SUVs. It will be placed after the X6 and the X4 vehicle crossovers.

2017 BMW X2 Specs and Desgin

The BMW X2 Cross-over appears like the X1 to a degree as far as external style goes. The 2017 BMW X2, however, does not have one fourth screen of the X1. It will still have a sloping roofline and similar front side fender. Like the X1, the BMW X2 gets many components of style from larger friends X3 and X5. The twin-kidney grill and smooth long headlamps are there. The larger air consumption placed within the grill gives the car a somewhat competitive look. The back windshield of 2017 BMW X2 is smaller than that of X1. The same can be said about its tail gate area. Overall it does look broader than the X1 and has a sportier attraction. The filter and angular formed headlamps offer the top side an upset look. It would come in both 3 and 5 entrance editions.

2017 BMW X2 Design

2017 BMW X2 Design

Interior Design

The interior of BMW X2 2017 should look like that of X1. The AC ports, dash panel, and 7 sound system sound structure are the same. The leader is covered with cowhide and looks stunning. Some custom remaking can be possible along with a spectacular moonroof and an improved 12-speaker Harman Kardon presenter device. While conventional places come with fabric covering but customers can choose to get natural leather furniture. While the legroom will be sufficient at back row, the sloping bonnet style will result in decreased headroom at the back area. This will have an effect on baggage area too. In comparison to the X4 which was belittled for absence of cottage space, the 2017 BMW X2 will have a huge interior. The pointed body indicates the freight box will be larger as well.

The entry-level style will get greyish flat cut in the cottage. However, the top end designs get natural timber accessories. The game designs get Alcantara natural leather places as well as metal accessories. The BMW X2 has graphite and similar components for improved toughness and decreased weight. This not only makes the Cross-over less heavy but also more fuel-efficient. The large metal tires deal with different landscapes without difficulty. The In german carmakers are particular about supplying their vehicles with top-notch protection specifications and functions. The 2017 BMW X2 will not be different to this pattern. Its set of effective protection systems is amazing. You get protection measures like powerful balance management, digital differential secure, and powerful grip management. The technical functions from X4 are predicted here too.


The 2017 BMW X2 will have both energy and diesel energy engine and one multiple device will also launch, as per the newest up-dates. The diesel energy edition will get a 2. 0-liter engine while the platform energy edition will get a 1.5-liter engine which is with a rating of 136 HP. There will be a greater potential 2-liter energy version too. The diesel energy engine will allegedly have three versions with an production of 188,150 and 231 HP. The car will achieve zero to 60 mph in less than 7 a few moments. The designs will come with both AWD and FHD. The UK and US editions are likely to have a little bit different engine options in all probability. Another M efficiency style will be given later.

Price and Release Date

The selling cost of the X2 Cross-over by BMW is not exposed yet. However, specialists believe it would be sensible that BMW roles and prices it a little bit greater than the X1 which begins at $34800. The entry-level 2017 BMW X2 cut may cost at $37000 or so. It is likely to launch delayed in 2016 after the company features the style in a few significant car reveals. It may even actually launch in early 2017.